Blackadder II - Review

NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association)

Review by Ann Platten
Blackadder II title image

Title: Blackadder II by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Director: Steve Gregory
Performed at The Studio, Dovercourt on Thursday 3rd August 2017 at 7.30pm

This was a remarkable show in many ways with the limited stage space for the actors who did justice to the production by working in a very basic set with just minimal furniture and exits .etc.

The three episodes were performed with a break after the first two in which we were able to enjoy a buffet laid on by the company for the audience. It was a very pleasant break and enjoyed by all.

We had a really good Blackadder in Jordan Brown who was a very strong character and commanded the stage in this principal role. I was impressed on the opening night that the cast were virtually word perfect and all round it was a very confident performance from all the cast.

Sara Talbot Ashby as Queenie and Caroline Thomas as Nursie gave great interpretations of both characters and made the most of the quirky situations all part of the writing of Ben Elton and Richard Curtis.

Lewis Rodger as always made the most of his role that of Melchett with good firm delivery and I felt got right into this character. I felt that Chris Root as Baldrick was rather hesitant on his entry into the play but by the second episode had more confidence to speak out.

Rob Porter as Percy was suitably precious and I enjoyed his performance.

Greg Potter as Sir Walter Rayleigh gave a spirited performance and Steve Fisher as Ludwig was well cast.

Richard Kemp Luck as Flashheart made an appearance in the last episode and was a very lively chap, and Maree Noons as Redbeard Rum wheeled in on a converted pram was super.

Many other characters all totally involved were added bonus to the plot and enjoyable to watch.

The costumes were excellent and correct for the period.

I really admired the decision to perform this show which maybe would not be everyone's choice but the audience were very enthusiastic and I hope appreciated the overall standard here.

I was pleased to meet up with the cast and company again and thank you for your hospitality which was appreciated.